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Hands up who loves Christmas Pyjamas?! For me, this is another milestone in the pieces I purchase in the run-up to Christmas. Today, I found myself searching the internet for some PJs for across Christmas. I’m already growing tired of my current ones and there’s nothing better than stocking up. One of my first Christmas memories were the pyjamas I wore on Christmas Eve & Day; I don’t know how or why but now, I am so drawn to a very particular red tartan print, all because of those fleecy PJs as a kid! Please see the world’s most adorable photos below:

Back home, unless the fires have been lit all day or the heating has been on full blast, it gets pretty chilly up in a large house on a hill, so wrapping up is important! Sometimes with Fibromyalgia, the slightest brush with an uncomfortable fabric can be quite painful. I’m lucky that I don’t have this every day of the week but with a flare up, you couldn’t pay me all the money in the world to wearing something that isn’t soft and comfortable. So, I’ve scoured the web for a mixture of everything, from the cheap & cheerful to the luxury & long lasting Christmas Pyjamas for you to take a look at. Some from experience, some from recommendation and some because they are cute as heck.

Left to Right:

Fairisle minky fleece pants – £14.00 (were £28.00!)

Star minky twosie – £40

The Lounge PJ Set – £53.66 

The Flannel PJ Set – £53.66

The Thermal PJ Set – £53.66

South Beach Reindeer Onesie – £27

Navy/Silver Stripe Sleep Set – £24

Pyjama Bottoms – £15

Dark Grey Polka Dot Cami And Shorts Set – £10.49 (on offer!)

Pale Grey Borg Onesie – £17.49

Grey Happiness Hoodie – £9.00

Grey Pyjama Trouser – £8.00

Teddy Robe – £40.00

Pale Grey Borg Robe – £24.99

Unisex Hydrocotton Shawl Collar Robe – £64.00

Sheepy Robe – £28.00

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