Wishlist Building For the Sales

Whilst I could sit here and curate a perfect and well thought out gift guide, let’s be honest. You can’t help but shop for yourself right now. At this time of year, I think it’s good to remember all of those little things you googled across the year, added to your basket then never bought. I do this ALL the time, in anticipation of some kind of sale! I will gladly wait to save some money, I love my beauty products but I will never overspend if  I don’t have to. Below are just some of the products I added to my a little ‘Wishlist’ bookmarked folder in chrome.

Maybe you will see a few things too that you have forgotten about and can add to your Wishlist to monitor the sales! Happy bookmarking!

Whilst I’ve absolutely loved taking part in blogmas this year, I think it’s time to draw a line under the daily blogs and start concentrating on content for the new year. I only planned to post for 12 days and somehow made it 20! I should probably say too that I’ve been taken down with a killer virus which means I’m going to struggle to enjoy the festivities alone, without generating content each day, so this is more so for the greater good of my health. 

After a jam-packed year, this is probably the first time I have stopped (I have a habit giving myself an impossible to-do list…) and I cannot wait to relax, mend my body and enjoy the break.

I’m certain you will hear from me soon, either way, Merry Christmas darlings & thank you for your support all over blogmas xxxxxxx

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