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Why Autumn is Important

It has to be said, this time of year is every blogger’s dream. How many seasonal blog posts, videos, Instagram themes and content ideas can we possibly pack into three months? While Christmas is up there with my favorite time of year, there is a fresh, restorative, crispness in Autumn each year that I can’t help but be reminded of year, after year, being not only a favourite but also important my well-being

I really think this links back to the whole ‘back to school’ in September as kid! Whenever we went back to school, I distinctly remember the crispy chilly mornings, the brand new stationery, the new winter coat that wrapped you up like marshmallow waddling down the street (just me?) and how I would be so blumming excited for a fresh start. In my head, I don’t think that ever left me and when I reach this time of year, I begin questioning everything, evaluating and make positive changes. This is invaluable to me and has brought me a lot of comfort over the past few weeks.

I think too, we are considering the end of the year is close but we know there is just about enough time left to conquer that goal, to make that change, to do that one thing you need to do; that it what gives me a massive kick up the jaxy. Chances are, you are already doing this subconsciously if you are anything like me…

The change of colour we see is just beautiful, the juxtaposition (media studies a-level and what) of the warm colours sprinkled everywhere; golden brown crunchy leaves lining the streets against the chilly crisp mornings just warms my insides. This explodes out of nowhere, almost overnight, and I think it changes our usual journeys into a much more visually interesting experience – especially on a dull rainy Manchester day! Also, another reason why this time of year is perfect for us little millennial snappers; it makes for cracking photos.

In terms of fashion, my god is this season made for me!? Not just cosy jumpers and layering all around but the clothes for this time are just so much more comfortable! Getting in from the cold is now one of my favourite things to do. (Jees get out much Mikki?) Although the REAL FREEZING cold can be problematic for me; freezing and stiffening up my body more than it already is and causing me a little bit of pain. But now, the comfort from a hot bath, wrapping my paws around a hot choc with marshmallows and snuggling up in bed under a mountain of soft blankets makes me a happy little bean, that’s for sure.

Do you share my love for Autumn? Let me know what you love in the comments below!

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