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I’ve seen a LOT of gift guides flying around recently and I’m not gonna lie, I have bookmarked quite a few things to my wishlist from noseying in the past week.. Of course, I want to throw in my two pennies worth. Instead of concentrating just on the obvious gifts, I wanted to create a guide for people who suffer a little more than most each day, my fellow spoonies. For someone who suffers with a chronic illness, there isn’t an off switch or a magical cure. We settle with the idea of managing symptoms instead; for some, this comes in many different forms. For me, it may come in the form of some of the gifts below in my spoonie gift guide.

If you are buying for someone with a chronic illness, just remember that it’s the small things that mean the most and most of us would rather a good night’s sleep and a back rub over a 5* holiday to Cuba any day of the week.


First Aid Tin – £12.99

As you may know, if you are someone who needs a lot of medication, it can get quite messy. Having a place which is easy to organise and fill with all of the meds you need is an absolute dream. To have a tin which also isn’t the ugliest thing since time began is also a brilliant idea in my book!


Lakeland Heated Throw – £79.99

Most people who suffer with Fibromyalgia, like myself, are a lot more sensitive to different temperatures. In the winter months, cold can be terribly painful but heat can do the world of good for this. This is on the pricier side but would be a cracking main present to last for a long long time.


Faux Fur Heated Mattress Protector – £59.99

Similar to the throw but this instead goes on the bed, like a sheet. You can sleep on top of this amazing cozy blanket whilst also altering the heat settings. I’ve had a heated blanket for years and in the winter months, they are an absolute godsend. They are also incredible for back pain; wacking it up on the highest setting and laying down can really help.


Seamless Fleece Leggings – £10

It’s all about the soft and seamless sometimes. If you are really sensitive, or having a flare-up, sometimes the thought of jeans can bring on actual tears. Clothing that can be worn on these days is vital to have in your wardrobe as a spoonie.


Clean Eating Cookbook – £8.20

Some may have issues with this, so make sure you know the Spoonie you are buying for is interested in eating healthy right now. Not in any way am I saying eating well will cure, or even help symptoms of a chronic illness (and nor should you for that matter). However, eating healthy and being kind to your body is something everyone should do. If you are taking your meds, changing your life and doing everything you are told to do to manage your symptoms, there’s nothing stopping you from improving your health in a different way. This book won’t change your life but will maybe give you a few ideas.


Sketchers – £38.41

These are the shoes I live in. At times, they are the only shoes I can wear. The memory foam is the best quality I have ever tried and now I don’t think I would ever want to live in any other brand. Sketchers aren’t the most beautiful shoes in the world, but they are getting so much better. They do millions of different styles now and they are well worth a look at. Can be a little pricey but certainly last.


Hot Water Bottle – £24

It’s all about the heat for me, clearly. This little bad boy can travel with you anywhere and is super luxurious. As much as presents can be practical and helpful, don’t forget we also want things which are cute too!


Foot Spa – £44.99

This is certainly one that’s personal to me but I am certain others would appreciate this. Something I struggle with is pain and soreness all over the bottoms of my feet. Only after a few hours sometimes, I am begging to sit down or just go home. I will always push myself to stay out longer with friends and try not to ruin a day by wanting to just sit down when we could be somewhere having fun. I have to pay for this the next day and so, a foot spa would be incredible to both prepare to before a day/evening out or to look after them after a day/evening!


Perle De Coco Body Soufflé – £10

This is my favourite for really dry skin in the winter months. This is a cracking gift for just about anyone really; whilst this is one of my favourite scents (very sweet, vanilla, sweet coconut & caramel), they have a tonne of scents which are incredible. The souffle is one of very few that will not only leave my skin feeling incredible and soft for hours and hours, it always leaves the smell on my skin all day. Perfect for an evening of pampering. I use this on my feet when I want to soothe them too.  (I’ve linked to the US store as this isn’t available on the website but is available in store)



Of course, it goes without saying: This season, one of the best gifts you can give is a little understanding. Running them a bath, carrying their shopping or letting them have a lie in when they finally drift off to sleep.

Spoonie Gift Guide

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