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Self-Care Like You’re a Sim

Years and years ago, someone told me I was just like a Sim. I had a bunch of bars signifying ‘hunger’, ‘bladder’, ‘energy’, ‘environment’ etc. and if they didn’t pay attention to the bars creeping into the red, I would essentially turn into an unhappy sim (not so much peeing on the floor, more so shouting profanities at the ceiling)

I remember at the time being quite offended and politely laughing it off but over time, I began to realise how true it really was! Not only for me but for everyone. We are all wired pretty similarly and when our bars creep into the red, we can’t expect the rest to just stay in the green all fine and dandy. The smallest of changes to how you live your life will impact drastically on the things you would never have even considered. Going to bed earlier one night, so you didn’t wake up late, so you didn’t miss the train, so you weren’t late that morning, so you did get that promotion…

Yeah yeah, I know, we can’t control our lives this way and being good and kind to yourself wont always translate into a successful career or banging social life or whatever it is that you want but it will mean you are the best version of you, a happier you, open to more opportunities and success.

 Selfcare for Spoonies Self-Care Tips

But what even is Self-Care?

It’s  something we all know how to do but at times, don’t . This can be as simple as being lazy, not prioritising well enough or more worryingly so, actively avoiding it due to a lack of self worth.

I hold my hands up to all of the above and of late I have come to realise how majorly important self-care is to both my physical and mental health. The most important thing to realise about self-care is that everyone has their own way of looking after themselves. I would say I am similar to a lot of young females my age; I like a long hot bath, I like to tidy my favourite things away and organise them, I like to get lost in an endless playlist of youtube videos or spend a few hours along aimlessly wandering around town.

There’s no right or wrong way of doing it, unless you’re not doing it at all that is.

 Self Care with Shopping

Self-Care for Spoonies

I’ve found that this is just as vital as any medication or treatment – it’s like a mental medication that you have full control of, something that a lot of Chronic Illness suffers don’t usually have. Whilst we can medicate the physical symptoms of illness’, it’s on us to maintain our mental health which can be severely impacted if not careful.

Marrying up the things that help your condition physically and calm you mentally I think is the best way to approach self-care. The reason I’ve lived in hot baths my whole life is that it’s the rare part of the day where I’m not in a lot of pain and I have time away from everything and everyone. If one of your symptoms is how your digestive system is constantly playing up, then why not find some relaxation in cooking which may help you? You can always kill two birds with one stone and in my experience, that’s the kind of self-care that sticks around and really does the job.

Let me know what you do to look after yourself below!

But I don’t know how to Self-Care?

More often than not, the thing that you do secretly, the thing that you hide away from people, the thing that may even be bad for you in excess is the thing that will help. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t me telling you to go eat yourself to death with junk food or stay up for 3 weeks solid binging on Netflix.

Self-care is simple most of the time; more sleep, eating better, walking more, seeing old friends, being yourself freely, wearing comfortable clothes, drinking more water or cleaning your place top to bottom every month; these are some of the most obvious ways which I don’t need to list below because you’re intelligent and can work it out for yourself. You do however need someone to remind you to look after that big ol’ brain of yours. If that means skipping the gym to call your Mum, do it. If that means cancelling plans with your friends because you’re just not up to it, do it. If that means looking after yourself for once because you deserve it petal? Bloody do it!


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