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We have finally hit the 12th month of the year, can you blumming believe it? With the 1st of December here, so is Blogmas! A blog-post a day, until the big day – CChristmas And how better to kick off the month with a guide on planning ahead this Christmas!

If you are the type to get a sweaty upper lip even READING this, consider this the first step in de-stressing. Grab yourself a warm cup of choc & marshmallows, get under that fleecy blanket and let’s get planning. If you are a crazy Christmas freak like me, grab yr gingerbread men, twinkle lights and Santa hat gal cos have I got a post for you. (Also, let’s be best friends)

Tidy The Freezer & Cupboards
Too often, we do the manic big Christmas shop and return to find last years half empty sticky mincemeat in the back of the cupboard or the stockpile of frozen food ‘just in case of apocalypse’ which makes organizing everything on your return and finding things on the big day a nightmare. Do a quick tidy up for future you, boo.

Decide On Your Theme
This is the most fun for me, and in all honesty, was done by mid-November. If you like to decide on a colour theme for your Christmas tree, then your other decorations and gift wrap should follow! Get hunting online, get pinning on those boards and get in the festive mood. If you need a little inspiration, you can find my Christmas Pinterest board below!

Planning Ahead This Christmas Decorations

Bedding For Guests
We have had numerous people on blow-up-beds, couches and spare rooms across the years and the same thing happens every year; we are so concerned with dinner, getting the house spotless, buying presents and planning games that we leave it until the LAST minute! Get them clean within enough time for you to cross it off your list sooner rather than later!

Plan The Priority Presents
Are you sending presents to your sister living it up in Australia or a card to your best mate living in New York? (I am!) Looking up when is the last date is for your cards and presents to arrive on time! You can find more info on the latest posting dates from Royal Mail here!

Get Your Tree
If you have been holding off getting a real tree to make sure it lasts as long as possible, now is the time to head down to your nearest tree farm and pick it up! Don’t be left with a tree you’re unhappy with just because “oh it’s way too early to put a tree up” – get that bad boy up and kick off Christmas whenever you like! Also, take it from someone who only just chose their first real Christmas tree this year, IT’S SO FUN!

Consider Your Telly Downtime
Whether you need to grab a copy of the Radio Times, get searching on Netflix & Amazon Prime or even googling what time the Doctor Who Christmas special is on – Plan ahead! Not only should you be allowing this little bit of downtime in the run-up, because that’s half of the fun but also guaranteeing you catch your favourite show on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Plan Your Travel
If you are travelling over the Christmas period, ensure you have train tickets booked before they are snapped up, you have thought about who is sitting in who’s car when and that you actually ‘can’ travel on public transport if you are without a motor

If you have any little tips on the things we all too often forget to consider when the festive season lands, comment below – I’d love to hear from ya! 

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  • Bexa

    This is an excellent post! 💕 I love all your tips. Tidying the cupboards and freezer is a great idea and probably one that gets forgotten about. I have got my tree and I am putting it up tomorrow 🎄 yay for being organised! I love your photography and blog design by the way – the falling snow is such a cute touch ☃️❄️. Looking forward to reading more of your posts 😘. Happy Blogmas! xx

    Bexa |

    • Michaela

      Thanks Bexa! You’re so kind! Yeaahhhhhh get that tree up, how exciting!

      And thank you, you tooo!


  • Sophie

    Great tips, Michaela. The freezer and cupboards do need a sort out (still!) but the theme for the tree is sorted as we have the same as last year, gold, silver, turquoise and lime green! don’t ask, it just works, trust me! haha x

    • Michaela

      Ooooh I need to see the tree!

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