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When I was planning ahead a little for blogmas, I tried to order at least the titles of posts by day so I could work towards something. I decided so last minute that I wanted to take part so I have been writing  and posting pretty much the same day most of blogmas. For that alone I am patting myself on the back, it’s all about the small victories right? One of the things I had in the calendar which I wanted to write about was a festive girls weekend in Birmingham. We rarely get to see each other and we like to book way in advance as we all have separate lives, jobs and social lives to juggle between us. I think little city guides at this time of year are so helpful and so I planned to take mental notes everywhere and of course snap snap snap away.

Somehow, I swear to god, the Universe had been telling us that we should NOT be going. Something I noticed after getting home and settling on the couch after a hot bath with a cup of tea was that on paper, my weekend would have been considered by most people as a disaster. And somehow, I had the best time. Sometimes it takes moments like this to realise how lucky you are but also remind you to grab every opportunity and treat everything as an adventure.I’ll start at the beginning. Hours after booking our trains to Birmingham, after FINALLY finding 2 days in pretty much a 6 month period where we were all free, Matt and I realised this was pretty much the only weekend we could visit the places in Germany we had earmarked without prices shooting through the roof. I felt pretty guilty for kinda ruining our plans but of course, I wanted to make sure I could see the girls so I wasn’t going to cancel.

In the week before, my friend’s car decided to break down and swallow up a tonne of money which meant our trip was infinitely harder to justify in terms of money in the run-up to Christmas. The evening before, we discovered the trains were on strike and we nearly weren’t even able to get to Birmingham! On the morning of our trip, my other friend skidded off the road in her car because of the snow and sadly wasn’t able to make the trip. The snow also meant that every train home for us was either cancelled or delayed for hours. It was a miracle we didn’t get stuck in Birmingham. With only two out of three of us now on the trip, it was quite sad but we wanted to try at least make the most of it. We had paid for everything and we were both free with no other plans. Why not? We were a little unsure about Birmingham when we arrived. My friend (the one who wasn’t able to make it) had actually recommended Birmingham, so as me and my other friend found ourselves in a brand new city with little to no preparation, it became increasingly hilarious because we had no clue why we’re even in Birmingham.

Now, this is in no way meant to offend the people of Birmingham, but, I feel like I have been spoiled with the Manchester Christmas markets. The markets we were super duper excited for were in all honesty, a bit of a flop. We circled around Victoria square and checked out all of the stands. Whilst it was beautiful, buzzing and smelt like every good German market should, we ended up just stopping and looking at each other with exact same look “Is this it?” We decided to wander around to find somewhere to sit down and eat. We did stumble across a really pretty little pocket of restaurants near the ICC. If we were dressed up with a group of girls ready for a few drinks and a dance, this would have been perfect but all we wanted was cosy jumpers, heart food and comfort.

We did, however, find a lovely little restaurant called Wildwood. Their food was lovely, service was brilliant and as we slowly came out of our food comas, we had a laughing fit as a table of 8 absolutely stunning girls with perfect skin, hair, outfits and just about everything else were seated right next to us. We couldn’t help but laugh at how opposite we were as they glided to their table and we sat there in our obnoxiously bright fluffy jumpers, waiting for our desserts in a box to take out and eat in bed with I’m a celeb.

The next day, we woke up to A LOT OF SNOW. After realising Birmingham didn’t have a whole lot going on, it had a whole lot less going on now. This was the kind of snow where cars aren’t on the road and everywhere is a ghost town, except for the odd hurling snowball. Again, we couldn’t help but laugh. We had our cheap ass Premiere Inn breakfast and I wolfed down the pancakes (which I must say were really good and I eat a lot of pancakes) and stole 2 cartons of spreadable Nutella because, I mean c’mon.  

We wrapped up, packed our bags and a 5-minute walk turned into over half an hour. Dragging a suitcase through thick thick snow, smiley people on the street with their kids, jumping into piles of fresh snow and giggling the whole way to the met station. We ended up having the best time, as you may have seen on our Instagram stories as we exclaim “BEST DAY EVER!”… Whilst our trains were delayed, we roamed around all of the shops at Birmingham International and managed to snap up a number of Christmas pressies too. Who else in the world is granted a free pass for HOURS at a station FULL OF SHOPS TO DO ALL OF YOUR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING? We were two lucky little beans. 


Somehow, a weekend on paper that was a complete disaster was such a success and we had the best time giggling our way through Birmingham for 2 days. Next time you’re thinking “hmm, maybe I shouldn’t do this because…” Just remember that we got to play in the snow, shop for hours on end and eat dessert in bed with I’m a Celeb.

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