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This is my personalised little shelf of goodies on my blog that I either want, desperately want or will sell organs to get my mitts on, my ‘lust list’ if you will. All jokes aside, it’s important to be money conscious and remember that some Kate Spade handbag won’t solve your problems & that you will still be good old you, no matter how killer your highlighter is.


However, working towards a purchase you have been saving for, doing your research, being absolutely certain that everyone you trust has recommended the product before you take the plunge, then actually spoiling yourself after working that butt off of yours is FINE BY ME!


All of the products I have linked here are products I have either had a really good experience with in the past (and would highly recommend) or, I am currently salivating over the sight of them and waiting for the sale to drop so I can go snap them up!



DISCLAIMER: Some of the products I recommend will contain affiliate links. Whilst I will make pennies (literally) from this, if you purchase via my link it will really help towards continuing to create content here. And that would be super duper yanno?