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Lunch at Menagerie Manchester

I think Lunch at Menagerie Manchester should be reserved for either special occasions or those times you really need to treat yourself, get your glad rags on and pull out that designer handbag you are too scared to leave the house with.

Bath Gold Frame Lunch Menagerie Manchester

Manchester will always be home to some of the most incredible venues, snazzy bars and delectable eateries. This little number is all of the above. Sitting pride of place in a recent city centre development, New Bailey, the contemporary American restaurant & bar is well known among locals; including familiar faces from Coronation Street, Geordie Shore and a handful of influencers you may recognise too. If you are considering lunch at Menagerie Manchester, you might wanna stick around.

I’ve visited for lunch three times now and I haven’t been let down once. Whilst I am a big fan of Menagerie, I can understand why someone else may be put off. So, I’ve tried to answer those questions we tend to have with places surrounded by a little buzz.

Is it worth the hype?

This entirely depends on what you are looking for. Menagerie has been designed with real precision; from branding to PR, from the service to their interior design, right down to the golden coloured laid on pale marble-top tables. Lunch at Menagerie Manchester, I think, should be reserved for either special occasions or those times you really need to treat yourself, get your glad rags on and pull out that designer handbag you are too scared to leave the house with. If getting a stunning photo with the girls is important, you value intricate details of interior design and are willing to pay more to get top service, then you need to pay them a visit. If you aren’t too fussed about your surroundings and value simply the food in front of you, I’m sure you could find the same for less elsewhere in Manchester.

What do I wear?

Okay. If you aren’t a massive fan of being surrounded by a sea of ‘Instagram models’, in tight dresses and dainty heels on your night out, be warned. The dress code even in the day seems to be quite smart. Simple and elegant, with your best face and either a statement bag or pair of shoes. For lunch at Menagerie, I opted for all black, simple dress and tights with heeled boots and fancy bag for good measure.

Is it expensive?

In comparison to your average student night out, big time. In comparison to your bog standard brunch or night on the tiles in Manchester? A tad. In comparison to any average lunch or evening in Spinningfields? Not at all. I would even argue if you are looking at the more luxurious venues for lunch, this is better value for your money. You are paying for impeccable service, yummy food & drinks and a venue unlike no other. If you are booking an evening meal, I recommend reading the terms on Open Table. There are additional charges which they have detailed on there if you book after 7pm on a Friday or Saturday.

TOP TIP: All of January they are giving 40% off your food bill if you quote JANUARY40 – so this is the perfect opportunity to test out their menu and get a few snaps whilst you are there!
Is the food good?Menagerie Menu Manchester

I have only visited in the daytime but I can confidently say that the Lunch menu at Menagerie Manchester is absolutely scrumptious. My favourite being the marshmallow french toast, obviously. They also have an afternoon tea golden Ferris wheel of cupcakes which is just mind-blowing. A FERRIS WHEEL OF CAKE. They put a lot of effort into not only how good their food is but also how it looks, that you insta foodies will be glad to hear.

Is it good for photos?

Whilst you may think this is a silly question, it is undoubtedly a reason why a lot of people visit. They have various setups across the restaurant which will always make any photo instantly ten times more interesting and a contender from Instagram royalty; crushed velvet seats, intricate greenery, neon lights and golden touches across the whole venue to name but a few visuals.

The bath and golden frames seem to be a favourite among visitors, (or at least, that all I can see online) the frame is even lined with bright white lights so you can stand in the frame for your photo with cracking lighting – they have thought of everything! The bathroom mirror photographers among you will also be glad to know they have a full-length golden mirror and stunning ladies loo, perfect for snapping that outfit you pieced together.

I would say though, if you want a bright photo, go in the daytime as there a lot of light coming in through large windows. The evenings are quite dark from the looks of other photos, with a lot of moody lighting so it depends on what kind of photo lighting you prefer. This would be a good to venue to shoot neon lights into reflections in particular I think.

Mini donughts Lunch at Menagerie Manchester
What’s the music like?

In all honesty, it’s hard to say. It’s music that I know, but music that washes over me and I don’t pay too much attention to. The kind where you can have a nice conversation with your friends, instead of screaming Rihanna from the top of your lungs. With the crowd it attracts, I expect a lot of current pop and cool-classic anthems. They also have crazy entertainment in the evenings on the raised catwalk built into the centre of the larger space, with girls AND boys scantily clad on the weekend, they have aerial performers, acrobats, dancers, singers, fire breathers, drag artists etc.

If you are a local or maybe visiting, you are passing by or have an excuse to splash out then I would highly recommend treating yaself and loved ones to lunch at Menagerie Manchester or even an evening meal Menagerie. After all, you can get 40% off of your food bill this month which makes all of their food incredible value for money. Any excuse to be treated like royalty for a day right? Go and treat yo self and let me know how you find it! If you have any other menu recommendations, let me know because I expect to be returning before the end of the month… ferris wheel of cake anyone?

trade your broken wings for mine neon sign menagerie manchester

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  • Chloe

    I live in Manchester and I’ve never been here but heard so much about it! I really want to go soon!
    Cloe X

  • Yasmin Rebecca

    I’ve wanted to go here for such a long time, it looks stunning. I definitely agree though it’s something i’d save for a special occasion such as an anniversary or birthday. Lovely photos!

    Yasmin Rebecca 💗
    The Sweet Seven Five

    • Michaela

      Yeah for sure, I mean whilst they have their offer I’d say it’s a good time to take full advantage of their menu but they treat you like royalty and what else do you need on a special occasion hahaha

      Michaela xxxxx

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