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The Real Importance Behind My Lust List


The Importance of a Lust List

Hands up who sometimes feels guilty whilst salivating over a £40 foundation or a beautiful piece of Oliver Bonas furniture, whilst recoiling in horror at the supermarket checkout when your food shop is over £50?


I am this person. It makes absolutely no sense and I will be the first to admit that. The way I prioritise how I spend my money is frankly, ridiculous. However, I am a firm believer in, first of all, treating yourself when you deserve it and secondly, working hard to get what you want and keeping that little purchase in the back of your mind to spur you along.

I do my best not to jump on bandwagons and avoid them at all costs but sometimes, I do give in. Especially reading blogs and watching my favourite influencers online, it’s pretty impossible to outright avoid a product which is going viral. As an adult, I am allowed to spend my money as I please. Whilst some may argue that one should invest, save every penny or another god-awful practice I clearly can’t seem to do, I see things a little differently. Aurelia Blushs Lust List


A few weeks ago, I began sorting through documents and photos on old hard drives. I stumbled across a spreadsheet which I had lovingly produced years ago on my Mum’s laptop (after mine disastrously imploded just days into my final year project at University). This was what I called a ‘Five Year Plan’. Clearly, I thought that somehow writing down all the things that I wanted would make that happen. Not the case. My life changed, my situation changed, even I changed, but my undying love for a MacBook didn’t. Fancy that.


I began reading through this action plan, nostalgically smiling to myself as if I were reading old love letters. This ‘plan’ never saw the light of day, dissolving into the mass of documents on my Mum’s laptop the second I closed the document. As I was reading it recently, I realised that most of the things I had achieved, were the things I wanted to buy, I wanted to own and be in a position to be able to buy them; my Macbook being one of them.


The career-focused goals didn’t matter to me anymore, the health-related goals didn’t really apply anymore but the physical things I wanted, still mattered. Is this crazy? Maybe, but the sense of achievement which suddenly washed over me, as I was pulled back to the moment where I was typing up this little ‘plan’ back then made me feel so blumming proud of little old me. To some, buying a MacBook may seem like a waste of hard earned cash, to others it may be no big deal whatsoever, for me it was a genuine milestone. I did it! I worked my arse off at ITV, then I splurged my final months pay on a Macbook.



Michaela Roy Lust List

With my strange little relationship with money, this really means the world to me. I remember a time where we were digging around in the back of the sofa for change to put petrol in the car to get us to school, or clubbing together Tesco vouchers just to put food on the table that night. Never would I have imagined strolling into the Apple shop and leaving with the exact thing I lusted after for years and years.


Whilst I know what it’s like to be without, when I indulge in these types of purchases, I do feel a sense of achievement, a ‘look how far I’ve come’ feeling. All this being said, I know you don’t NEED it to survive. Well, you do and you don’t. I suppose that depends entirely on your definition of surviving.


My purchases are important to me; they are never frivolous (if they are, I always return them), I will always do my research and see what others think before I spend. Part of the reason why I LOVE the blogging community so much is because all we do all bloody day is buy things and then review them! It is SUCH an important part of my process before clicking ‘buy’ now and I imagine that may be the same for some of you too.


I wanted to create a little gallery, a virtual showroom, my very own Lust List! Home to some of the products that would probably be on the five-year plan right about now if I made one. Some of them are definite goals, others are purchases I love the idea of and others I may already own after thinking about it for a while. I wanted to share this little slice of myself with you guys because honestly, this is one of the things I work towards every day, probably without even realising it.



I’ve complied Lust Lists in three areas; homeware, beauty & fashion. So do feel free to peruse; who knows, you might just find your Macbook…

Aurelia Blush Lust List Homeware    Aurelia Blush Lust List Beauty .  Aurelia Blush Lust List Fashion

DISCLAIMER: Some of the products I recommend will contain affiliate links. Whilst I will make pennies (literally) from this, if you purchase via my link it will really help towards continuing to create content here. And that would be super duper yanno? 


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