How To Deal With Negativity This Christmas


There will undoubtedly be people this year and the next, and the year after that who like to spread Christmas misery round about now… I often don’t get on with these kinds of people. I’m a big believer in making something like Christmas into a positive and happy time. So I wanted to share my ideas on How To Deal With Negativity This Christmas. 

I think we are all up against so much each year that we all deserve a break and this is your perfect excuse. Here are a few of the negative comments I have no time for, and how I like to deal with them or straight up tell them!

How To Deal With Negativity This Christmas How To Deal With Negativity This Christmas

“It’s all a money-making racket”
Every man and his dog is out to make money, as should you, you will need it to pay the bills and keep you warm. The sooner you accept that and enjoy what Christmas brings along with it, you’re the winner.

“How can all of this be for one day?!”
It doesn’t have to be, I get Christmassy early! I’ll listen to Christmas music, put up decorations and plan presents. It can last however long I like. Christmas doesn’t have to be one day, for me it’s the entire lead up. The most of the fun is in the excitement of the lead-up!

“But I will be penniless and fat in the new year”
Yes. Yes you will. And the whole nation will be right there with you with Davina’s latest workout DVD in one hand and a payday loan in the other. That my friends is the beauty of our great nation, welcome on board. Nobody likes a spoilsport.

“Christmas means awkward family reunions and annoying children”
You really should welcome your awkward family reunions and screaming children with open arms. It’s only for one or two days after all. Either way, you would tell the difference if they weren’t there. There are people who aren’t as lucky as you and would give an arm and leg just to be surrounded by drunk uncle Phil and your niece’s bat-shit kids. Don’t forget how lucky you are at this time of year.

“Christmas starts earlier and earlier every year now!”
Oh, I’m sorry. Are you busy freezing your toes off, slipping on ice, not wanting to get up for work, doing your makeup without natural light in the morning & enjoying walking home in dark too much to enjoy the festivities? Well, I do apologise. We will be over here having fun drinking hot choc with marshmallows in our woolly jumpers singing Michael Buble & eating mince pies.


This time of the year, the people you keep at arms distance for good reason tend to surface and may begin to cause problems. Cruel members of the extended family, old school friends or neighbours you can’t escape on Christmas Eve, telling you that you’re aren’t good enough, too much of something, or not enough of something else; first of all, you can tell them from me to kindly run and jump off the closest railway bridge. This time of year is like cocaine for these evil little gremlins who get off on making you feel bad about yourself, this all they have after all. The thing to remember is that you keep them at arm’s length all year around for good reason, you know full well they are bad for your mental health in some way, no matter how big or small. We are all big boys and girls now and we can all make choices on who we allow into our day physically and mentally. I choose to remove them from both. Laterrrrrrrs. 


How To Deal With Negativity This Christmas

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