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I’ve genuinely had so much fun the past few weeks with our own mini Christmas Tree Decoration Haul each week, between my boyfriend and I, I feel like I’ve done 5-year-old Mikki proud in choosing our first beautiful tree and decorating it elegantly, carefully and exactly how I wanted my first tree to look.

It probably won’t shock you that decorating the Christmas tree has always been super important in my family ever since I was a little kiddo, or at least we made it important between us. The rush of excitement when you see the old battered boxes of decorations, the sturdy tree poking out, the sparkles across the floor, the ribbons everywhere and just about every decoration you can imagine from across the years being dragged down from the loft still excites both the 24-year-old & 5-year-old in me.

With our Christmas film on and an oversized cup of tea at the ready, nothing could stop us. There’s a distinct smell I associate with this too, and I genuinely get emotional and nostalgic if I ever come across it, just a few weeks ago, I smelt a Christmas candle in Boots and I legit wanted to cry and had to put it down because it was too much. What a mess.

Shoutout to Mumma Roo for passing down the crazy Christmas genes. So without further ado, let’s kick off my Christmas Tree Decoration Haul! I’ve linked to as many as possible, some simply aren’t available online but if anything this will give you an idea of where to swing by on your decoration hunt.

Christmas Tree Decoration Haul


Christmas Bauble With Sleigh Bells – £5.99
Christmas Tree Decoration Haul ZARA HOME
Hanging Gingerbread House Shaped Ornaments (Set of 3) – £9.99Christmas Tree Decoration Haul ZARA HOME

Hanging Bottles with Glitter Decoration (Set of 3) – £11.99

Christmas Tree Decoratoin Haul Zara

Transparent Christmas bauble with Gold StaRs Inside (Set of 3)  – £11.99Christmas Tree Decoration Haul Zara Home
Mini Glass Gold Star Sequin Baubles – set of 9 – Was £6.50, currently £4.50  – It’s worth mentioning, you can get these even cheaper in Poundworld!Christmas Tree Decoration Haul Papaerchase
Star Christmas Decoration – £6

Christmas Tree Decoration Haul Oliver Bonas
Vivid Highland Myths Honeycomb Paper Bauble, Red – £3Christmas Tree Decoration Haul John Lewis
John Lewis Highland Myths Golden Glitter Pine Cones, Tub of 12 – £12Christmas Tree Decoration Haul John Lewis Pine Cones
4 Pack Polar Bear Christmas Tree Decorations – £4Christmas Tree Decoration Haul
Christmas Baubles – £9.99
John Lewis Highland Myths Spun Glass Bauble, Clear – £4

Christmas Tree Decoration Haul
Gold Tree In Glass Bauble – £4Christmas Tree Decoration Haul
Set Of 4 Gold Shaker Filled Baubles – £8Christmas Tree Decoration Haul Next
There are also a few from the tree farm where we picked up our Christmas tree which I would highly recommend! If you are in the Greater Manchester area, or Cheshire way, look up Ivy Cottage Farm in Wilmslow. It’s an old family run business which has been running since before most of us were even alive, the guy who looks after you basically is Santa Claus who s jolly with a big grey beard and knows everything there needs to be on trees!

White Let It Snow baubleChristmas Tree Decoration Haul
Golden glitter with scrollChristmas Tree Decoration Haul
Wooden baubleChristmas Tree Decoration Haul
White & Gold Retro baubleChristmas Tree Decoration Haul
There are just a few I can’t find online, so I’m not certain on price but you may be able to find in your local store, most of these I couldn’t see online when I grabbed them in store.

John Lewis, Golden BaubleChristmas Tree Decoration Haul
Next, Clear Bauble with golden treesChristmas Tree Decoration Haul

If you guys have any Christmas Tree Decoration Haul posts, I would love love love to see them, get them posted below with a link to your blog so we can all check them out! Happy Blogmas!

p.s., I’ve pinned all of my decorations to my Pinterest board, check it out below if you need some more inspo!

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