Christmas Presents For Pets


Christmas Presents For PetsI must say, I am really shocked at the lack Christmas Presents for Pets type posts across blogmas! I was certain I would see a tonne but I haven’t seen a single one on my feed! Having moved out of the family home, rarely seeing my 2 pups (Paddy & Lily) and pussycat (Bruno), the idea of shopping for little presents and treats for them it so fun for me.

If you don’t share this excitement, just know that there are no young children in my family (I am the youngest!), so this is like shopping for kids, only my kids are furry and do as they are told. I have concentrated on Dog & Cat presents, as I know them best and would feel like a fraud recommending Rabbit food & Parrot… Like I don’t even know what you would get a parrot?

So far, I’ve picked up a tin of Dreamies for £4 at Wilko which was an absolute steal & I know Bruno LOVES them, so the ten packs inside will keep him going for a while. For the dogs, industrial strength toys always go down the best. This rope has two knots for them to tug-of-war with but also a handle for us to hold onto without getting major rope burn! This was £5 from TKMaxx.

The Barky Box – £17.99 per month

There are a few subscription boxes out there but this seems to come highly recommended online and also has boxes for both dogs and cats. This may seem strange to some, to spend nearly £20 a month for your pets but if you do like to spoil them, I say it’s well worth it.


Cat Hammock  – £23.71

How adorable is this! My cat Bruno loves climbing into and onto of the most awkward places and I think that this would be ideal. There’s something about it being above the ground too which cats often enjoy; a really nice alternative cat bed.


Fashion’s Talk Cat toys Variety Pack for Kitty 20 pieces – £12.99

Because sometimes, you just wanna buy a tonne of cheap toys. Some cats aren’t interested in fancy gadgets or impressive beds, all they want is a ball to bat around every now and again, their annual Christmas Day catnip high and something new to play with. These would b good to create your own personalised stockings!


Puppy Cage Folding 2 Door Crate with Non-Chew Metal Tray – Gold – £35

To some, these seem cruel but I assure you they are not. Crates are used for puppies, to create a safe place for them. Whilst we think “oh they are locked away, they can’t get out”, dogs see “Now I’m locked in, they can’t get inside”. We used them since they were puppies and our dogs often prefer to sleep in their crates! Just be aware that they will need bedding inside and need to be let out regularly (we close the door and don’t lock it now) Also why can’t your pups have gold! 


Large Padded Luxury Fleece Dog Bed by Wolfybeds in Winterberry Red- £49.99 

Dog beds are simply dog beds at the end of the day. They come in different colours, shapes and sizes. Whilst you want your dog to be comfortable, they may opt for a hardwood floor. I think the most important thing to consider when purchasing a bed is how easy it is to wash. Dog beds can get filthy quick and this zips straight off and can go in the wash. Easy peasy. I also think it looks super cosy and would suit most houses.


Byotrol Deodorising No Rinse Shampoo – £5.50

Nobody likes a smelly dog. No one. If you are battling with pups in the bath or shower most days, maybe try out a no-rinse shampoo! Of course, if your dogs are knee deep in mud, they need properly bathing. Whilst this spray isn’t used instead of bathing, it has been specially formulated to help remove unpleasant odours and bacteria to refresh your pup’s coat in between baths, leaving them smelling clean and fresh.

Christmas Presents for Pets

Chuckit! Classic 26M Launcher – £11.79

If your pup is a fan of you throwing a ball over and over and over and over and over (like my dogs definitely are) then that tennis ball is going to get dirty and slimy, fast. These launchers you can buy in most shops (and probably cheaper!) but these little guys a GREAT for getting some good distance on your throw, whilst ensuring your hands aren’t getting slimy and filth as you can also pick it up with this!


SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder – £69.99

If you live in a household with more than one pet, you will understand the struggle when it’s dinner time with multiple pets to feed, especially when they are stealing each others food! To monitor how much they are eating and ensure one of them isn’t throwing their weight around to try and eat the another’s food (this is from experience, LILY), this feeder is microchipped and will only open to feed the correct pet! TOO BAD LILY NO MORE DOUBLE DINNER FOR YOU!


Cat Massaging Scratcher – £7.50

This is especially for kittens. As they start to use their claws more, your belongings will begin to get torn to shreds whether you like it or not. The only way around this is by supplying an alternative and treating them for using it. This version is also great for them to itch against and run their scent onto, added bonus: this will also reduce the amount of hour ahead around the house.


Busy Buddy® Ultra Stratos™ Toy – £7.99

Depending on your dog, you may be looking for something that won’t be ripped to shreds within the first ten minutes of play. This toy was voted Best Buy by The Independent. No dog will be ripping this apart but something extra special is the delicious treat rings attached to the vanilla-scented rubber tube! Also, this will be brilliant for pups who are teething!


Foobler Electronic Timed Treat Dispenser – £12 – £15

If you want to brighten up feeding time, why not spend a few quid combining play and feeding? Although this may look like any old toy, it is actually an electronically timed feeder that you can set yourself at different intervals. This is a great way to add a little fun and exercise to your dog’s day, especially if your breed needs more mental stimulation!


Christmas Food & Treats from Lily’s Kitchen

I’ve seen an increasing amount of influencers using Lily’s Kitchen and I’m not surprised their branding is adorable. However, they sell all kinds of treats for cats and dogs over the festive season; from biscuit selection boxes to crackers, they seem to have thought of everything. And why not treat you fluffy babies eh?

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