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Have you got your Christmas Music Playlist together yet? I certainly have. Of course, I blumming have. Sometimes, the old Now That’s What I Call Christmas! or Bublé CD just doesn’t cut it. Let’s face it, they take a beating every year and deserve a break. Also, seeing as we are children of the digital age, why shouldn’t our Christmas music be accessible on every device wherever we are in the world?

I live by my Spotify and have done since high school. I often think that my Spotify knows me better than anyone and can put together Daily Mixes & Throwback Playlists to rival just about any Party DJ. Whilst my playlists I manually out together are half attempted and rarely amounting to more than 10 songs, I wanted to put together a playlist for all of the Christmas songs  I want to hear, leaving all the rubbish out that I wasn’t interested in! I’m so sorry, I cannot listen to The Darkness, I just cannot do it any longer.

If you don’t have a Spotify account, don’t worry – you can sign up (with adverts) for free! If you want to sign up as a student, you can get it for £4.99 a month without adverts, or £9.99 as a normal account.

For the technophobes and hipsters out there, you will be glad to hear we also purchased a Christmas vinyl and have been really enjoying the classics cracking away on the old record player.

Search ‘Gingerbread Gal’ to find on Spotify! 


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