Christmas Mugs


Anyone who knows me will understand why I feel the need to share my favourite Christmas mugs. Is this normal? Probably not. Do I care? Absolutely not. I simply cannot remember a day that has passed without me having a warm beverage to get me through the day. Whether it’s a strong coffee to bring me back onto planet earth at 6am or a toasty hot chocolate with marshmallows to warm me up in the winter. I am a true believer, in that tea can solve nearly every problem I ever have but most of the time, I choose a hot drink simply for the pleasure of drinking it.

Christmas Mugs

Whilst I think the quality of the tea, coffee or hot chocolate is important, I am very fussy over my mugs. I fell in love with my Hamburger mugs as they were perfect for wrapping your mits around as we walked around the markets! I genuinely get attached to mugs and go through phases where I simply cannot drink out of any other mug. (I will gladly stop the dishwasher mid-cycle. I know. Someone hold me back.)

I am a silent snob when I am served a hot drink at other people’ s houses because I do believe, as strange as this sounds, that your mug plays a big part in the enjoyment of your drink! Whether you want it for the size, the design, the shape in your hands or the material its made out of, I like to have the choice. So, when Christmas time comes around, why shouldn’t we buy ourselves a Christmas mug or two?!

Night Sky Mug – £12

Anthropologie Emily Isabella Christmas Santa Mug – £9.80

Emma Bridgewater Reindeer Tiny Mug – £11.96

John Lewis Snowman 3D Mug – £14

Linea Penguin Mug – £4.20

Sainsbury’s Home Christmas Mrs Mug – £2.62

Gold Rudolph Mug – £5.99

Father Christmas Mug – £6

Fun Pair of Mr & Mrs Claus Red Christmas Ceramic Mugs – £12.99

Do you have a favourite mug for Christmas time? Let me know below!


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