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Bloggers & Vloggers To Follow In 2018


For me, December has been a month of reading and watching more than ever. I finally have some time to sink my teeth into new blogs and I happily pop daily Vlogs on in the background most days. So I thought, why not hare my favourite Bloggers & Vloggers To Follow In 2018? Some of my favourite Bloggers & YouTubers have come from recommendation posts like this, so maybe there will be a few you haven’t heard of or this will remind you to check in with them again!

As you can imagine, most of the people below and I enjoy across all platforms but I thought it would be useful to separate them up into the platforms I engage with them the most on. These are the people I want to bring into my 2018 with me for the journey and hopefully, you will too!

Bloggers & Vloggers To Follow In 2018


Jamie Genevieve
I fell in love with this Scottish heartthrob maybe 6 months ago now whilst perusing the explore section on Instagram. I HAD to scroll through her feed; not only was she gorgeous but clearly, she was a very talented makeup artist. Jamie gives cracking tutorials and uploads Vlogs regularly including her other half, Jack, and BEAUTIFUL fluffy baby, Drogba. She is the definition of down to earth, will never apologise for being herself and is a real pleasure to watch. Also, I can say from experience the products she recommends are always ace.

Lydia Elise Millen
I followed Lydia years and years ago. I clearly remember unfollowing simply because her photos were so nice, it made me feel bad about my poor ass life. Whilst I regret doing so, I’m really glad I picked up on her YT again after stumbling acorns a recommendation post discussing her aspirational lifestyle content combined with a really pleasant and endearing down to earth nature. I definitely agree. Also, her cats Lumi & Lynx.

Well of course. Zoe was one of the first YouTubers I started watching forever ago. Chances are, I can’t tell you much about Zoella that you don’t already know but I can say that watching her and Alfie build their little empire is something I really enjoy. I can always count on her vlogs as a cosy little watch in the evening & I bloody love watching someone who is as Christmas obsessed as I am. Also, Nala & Buzz.

Niomi Smart
I watched Niomi’s channel a while ago too. While Niomi seemed perfectly lovely, I was put off initially. I didn’t think I would have much in common with her and I just dropped off of her videos. Whilst she isn’t as instantly relatable as Zoella or Jamie (for me personally I mean), I imagine she is for a LOT of girls my age. She is really sweet and doesn’t mind laughing at herself which I am a big fan of. I recently started watching again over vlogmas and I’m loving it.

In The Frow
Victoria is another Youtuber I started picking up again during Vlogmas. I suppose it was a similar scenario as Lydia & Naomi, however, I have been following her social media for a long time. I will always love her for being a Manchester girl and I’ve come to realise how bloody good she is at piecing together outfits. Her recent sexual abuse video really made me respect her & fly up the ranks for me. Also, can we all just appreciate her amazing Instagram photos please?

Maddie Bruce
I stumbled across Maddie a few weeks ago on Instagram as she was staying at the King St Townhouse which is one of my favourite hotels! I only picked up on a few of her videos but I can already tell we share a very similar taste in humour and also, covering very important issues to do with Mental Health is brilliant.

Lindsey Rem
The only non-British YouTuber – wow, I need to branch out. I found Lyndsey after searching for the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette on YouTube. I love what she did with the palette and for a gal with pale skin, dark hair and green eyes, it pretty handy to steal makeup ideas, I won’t lie. Turns out, she has incredible taste in music, a really interesting alternative style (alternative to all the above I should say, not massively in the grand scheme of things) and she also majors in Graphic Design producing some really sweet designs. I really love how creative she is and is majorly refreshing in how honestly self-reflecting she can be.

Blogs & Social Media

Beth seems to me like your average 20-something who writes about exactly what she knows about. The first thing that caught my eye was her Instagram; her feed is so beautifully curated and you can tell the amount of hard working going into it. Her blogs range from the helpful & fresh to honest and deep. I really like the balance in her content & I noticed recently that Lydia Elise Millen kindly gave her a shout out and she gained like 6K overnight which was so nice to see! Makes me so happy to see people supporting one another rather than tearing each other apart.

Chloe Plumstead
Chloe is the girl that seems to be KILLING it in the blogosphere, she will always respond to your message no matter how many followers she has and will honestly tell you that she has in no way got her shit together, her transparency is almost infectious. I really enjoy her style of writing too, her blog posts are always interesting and she will gladly take the piss out of herself. We share a very similar sense of humour and I do hope she does more vlog style videos! Her style is amazing for petite/small gal inspiration and my lord, does she know how to put an outfit together. She also has the face of an angel.

Ali Hemsley
Ali is quite the inspirational figure for someone like myself. One of few things we share is a chronic illness and I had to contact Ali when I first stumbled across her content a while ago because she really does put things in perspective. Her Instagram game is out of this world right now and she seems to be picking up some great brands to work with. Highly recommend if you need Isco to get up and go every day!

Kate La VieBloggers & Vloggers To Follow In 2018Whilst I also watch a few Vlogmas videos here and there from Kate, I can’t help but love her blog and social. Kate somehow manages to create, in my opinion, a perfect aesthetic every single time. It’s clear to see that I have a very similar to taste in all things interior and digital design and she is so fantastic for photograph inspiration too. Something I have noticed from watching her vlogs is that she is quite low key about most things, so when she genuinely loves a product, you know it’s gotta be good. Also, her cat Tiny Tim.

Maria J Blogs
Maria is up there with the girls working their way to the top of the blogosphere whilst keeping her feet firmly on the ground. It’s clear to see that she is here, there and everywhere working with brands or at events creating content. I really respect how much she produces and the high level she maintains. Maria will always reply to you and share some love on your feed, whilst frankly being quite hilarious on twitter.

I followed Lauren on twitter only recently, after seeing her beautiful photos and tweets so relatable I thought I had posted them myself at times, little old me thought ‘oh she seems nice I wonder if she’s a little tiny Manchester blogger like me?’ As we tweeted a few times. Nope, she has 10k, a brilliant blog and gorgeous Instagram. I think she has the balance just right by being exactly who she is and letting than shine through.

Bryony Baker
I wanted to mention Bryony most of all because she seems so blumming lovely and her tweets are so hilarious. I would say I follow her mostly on twitter because we gladly tweet or like back and forth through the week but it’s clear to see, she’s very talented and working hard everyday post regularly and keep us updated.

I would love love love you guys to either link your blogs and social below or if there’s anyone you think I should check out, please do let me know!

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