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A Birthday at King St Townhouse: MCR

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had this debatably silly idea in my head. I believed that birthdays were very very important. I would get so worked up, whether it be my own or someone else’s, trying to make it absolutely perfect and in my naive adolescence, I would be so offended if somebody didn’t make the effort for me. I soon got the hell over that and I did my best to resist this urge as the years passed, and I’ve done quite well… I think. I suppose it isn’t absolute madness to believe that the ONE day of the year to celebrate a person should be met with some form of effort, celebration and love, right? I’m not talking boat loads expensive presents or hiring venues for birthday bashes, just your loved ones dropping by to say “hey I still love you btw”. Everyone deserves that! We celebrated with a trip to a fancy hotel in Manchester!


Happy Birthday Balloons       Birthday in Manchester

A few days ago, I finally hit 24 years of age and in the lead up, this was the first time in my life where I had zero pressure or expectations of anything or anyone. To be honest, it was pretty nice (and even I questioned myself at times) but this made the surprises from my loved ones even more special and heartwarming. I won’t go into the details because this isn’t a LOOK WHAT I GOT or AREN’T I A FANCY PRINCESS type of post. Well, like 10% that but just give it a minute.

If you live in Manchester or you hope to visit soon, I have the perfect hotel for you; King Street Townhouse, a baby grand hotel. Located in the heart of Manchester, it is on the doorstep to everything you will need for your stay.

Infinity Pool Manchester

First of all, it’s located in the pristine little pocket of pretty buildings, gorgeous hotels, fancy pants restaurants and expensive shops. This is perfect blogger photo territory FYI. But don’t be fooled, you can be anywhere in no time if these places are a tad out of your budget. (No lies, we were desperate for lunch & I didn’t wanna spend $$$$ on room service snacks with a pricey dinner that evening, so we walked to Maccy’s around the corner – zero shame.) Also, if you know Manchester, this isn’t the King Street you are thinking of with Kiehl’s, The White Company and Cath Kidston etc. It’s technically Booth Street but that is a rubbish name right? But it is nearby. Get a map jees.

The building itself is beautiful; built in the 1800s the interior spaces have such a classy modern feel with a nod to the history of the Town House, really ticking all the boxes of a “baby grand hotel”. (Also, baby grand is now my new favourite term & I feel like it sums be up perfectly…) With cosy winding corridors and stairs taking you higher and higher, the spaces open to residents of the hotel are styled to be a place of comfort and retreat; large plush sofas, open fireplaces and bookcases stacked with classics are available for you to escape for a while or enjoy time with loved ones.

King Street Town House Spa King Street Town House Spa

Having more than just your room is something we commented on in particular on our stay. We live literally live a 15 minute walk away from the hotel, so for my boyfriend booking a stay so local, on the surface it may appear a little strange but everything else they offered made the stay completely worth it. Even more so if you don’t live in the city like us!

The room itself was just as gorgeous as all of the other interior spaces – surprise. Everything was high quality, even the retro Roberts radio they had next to the bed, which was playing when we entered the room – what a great idea! it seemed no expense had been spared on the room decor. My only issue was with the pillows; if you like pillows which are feathery and flat then:
a) this bed is for you
b) are you crazy?
and c) so does my boyfriend, so our pillows don’t match and this doesn’t satisfy my urge to have a bed full of fluffy pillows and I am still coming to terms with this can you tell?

My favourite part of the room was the bathroom without a shadow of a doubt (including the part of the bathroom, in the bedroom…) YES, WE GOT A BATH IN THE ROOM AND WE STILL DON’T KNOW WHY THIS IS SO EXCITING BUT I CAN TELL YOU IT BLOODY WAS! In all seriousness, this is maybe one of my favourite baths of all time, which means a lot from a girl with an unhealthy obsession of hot bubble baths, and although I am jokingly hinting that I have an ordered list of my all time favourite baths, you should be aware that this probably isn’t a joke.

Manchester King King Street Townhouse Hotel

Manchester King King Street Townhouse Hotel Manchester King King Street Townhouse Hotel

So what else I hear you say? Well, I’ll bloody tell ya. How does a ninety minute full body massage which makes you feel like a new woman sound? Followed by a dip in the infinity pool, looking across Manchester (with full jacuzzi bubble option OH YEHHHHHHHH)? Being plied with champagne, to then sweat it out in the steam room? Blumming bliss babe, blumming bliss. Suffering with chronic pain, this little period of time where my body was relaxed and free is something you literally could not put a price on. Any spoonies wondering about whether the massage hurt or not – the masseuse fully understood my condition and worked around this and made sure pressure was comfortable at all times and yes for a short while, it really did help!

The staff also knew it was my birthday and went that extra mile to make our stay perfect; they even supplied us with a little birthday plate of macarons and brownies which was SO SCRUMPTIOUS! Their attention to detail was fantastic and although the massage company didn’t manage to deliver my gift voucher on time for my birthday (naughty!) they more than made up for it by giving us another two days to enjoy the spa and infinity pool. Wahoo!

All in all, if you’re looking for a fancy pants stay somewhere in Manchester, you’re happy to pay that little bit extra for some luxury and in need of chill, this place is for you!

Kate Spade Cake Manchester Manchester Birthday Cake

Manchester Birthday The Living Room


p.s. Thank you to everyone who showed up, showed their love and made me feel like a fancy pants princess xoxoxxo

If you have any hotel recommendations anywhere in the UK or a link to your blog, drop it below so I can nosey!

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