Who me? Oh go on then. 

I’m Michaela, a twenty three year old gal with a lot to say and not enough time, energy or brainpower to form a solid thought most of the time but lets give this a shot. I consume copious amounts of Nescafe Azera, blueberries & junk food. My sport of choice is a Netflix marathon. My hair is super long and people always ask what my secret is. I never cut my hair. I have fibromyalgia but it doesn’t have me. I have an unhealthy obsession with small fluffy animals. I spend a large portion of my salary on buying things because they are gold and for that reason only. I struggle to stand for long periods of time. Strangers always ask me for directions and I never know the answer, ever. I’m that annoying chick that takes photos all the time. I worked in TV for a short time. I now work as superwoman managing seventy million (I mean not literally but yanno) projects at a creative agency. I love learning about things I would never have known otherwise.  I’m in pain a lot of the time. People and how the operate are endlessly fascinating to me. I own enough makeup, toiletries & smelly products to fill a football ground. My general knowledge is shocking. I cannot remember the last time I had real energy. I believe just about anything can be solved with a hot bath. I was brought up in a house in the countryside. More often than not, I’m too honest for my own good. Got big dreams, bad habits, big ass and little to no class.

I think that covers it?