A Look At My Christmas Day


I love love love hearing about people’s Christmas day. It becomes apparent very fast how different we all are and how set we are in our ways. Even the most open-minded of us can be left screaming in horror “What do you MEAN you open your presents in the morning, that’s MADNESS!” It always gets me excited and it’s a nice warming thought, to be fiercely protective of the way your family does Christmas.

A Look At My Christmas Day

Christmas has changed in our house over the years, some years we have had 18 of us around the table, other years just us 4; My Mum, Step Dad, Brother and I. But each year seems to follow a similar pattern.

Christmas Eve is spent as a frantic final ‘once over’ of the entire house. Anyone who has visited my house will understand it’s not a quick 40-minute job, it’s a large 5 bedroom farmhouse with 2 dogs & a cat making a mess every day. Once the house is done, Mum will start dressing the table; we tend to eat in the kitchen now as it’s this biggest room in the house.

The table settings are my Mum’s speciality; she has always taken a lot of pride in decorating the house, down to the finest detail over Christmas and the table is the final piece. But god forbid you touch that table before Christmas day…

Usually, we settle down with a Christmas film in the evening, maybe with a drink but more often than not, with snacks and a big cup of tea. I’ve made the mistake of drinking on Christmas Eve and I shan’t be doing that again…

On Christmas Day, we tend to wake up around 9 am, or at least I do… I’m always the first up as I’m the youngest so it’s basically my duty to wake the whole house up, right? Whilst everyone else scrambles around for their cards they forgot to sign, dressing gowns and slippers, I tend to leg it downstairs and let the dogs out, then run around with them in circles downstairs for a bit. Because who better to share the excitement of Christmas Day than two overly excited dogs?

A Look At My Christmas Day

We all tend the congregate in the Kitchen to begin, wishing each other a very sleepy “Merry Christmas love”. Of course, followed by a much more enthusiastic ‘And a VERY MERRY Christmas to you TOO, Paddy & Lily” to the dogs, teasing them with wrapped treats and toys.

After we have all got ourselves a cup of tea, because no one is going in that living room without a hot caffeinated beverage in our household, we pitch up camp in the living room for presents. Some people are so shocked by this but we have done it this way my whole life! We sit and unwrap presents, no pressure or order, we hand each other gifts and have a laugh whilst opening. The only thing that we EVER expect each year (which I suppose is our strange little tradition) is a stocking with golden coins and oranges inside of it!

There normally a few joke presents around, a dog knocking over your cup of tea and some fine gift-wrapping craftsmanship on behalf of Mumma Roo.

As you can probably guess, the best part for us is giving presents to Bruno (the cat), then Paddy & Lily (the dogs). Each year we give them treats and toys wrapped in cheap wrapping paper. They love ripping them apart, batting them around the floor, squabbling over each others and then the absolute highlight is giving Bruno, his catnip toys. We can sit there for hours just giggling whilst he is high as a kite just loving life.

A Look At My Christmas Day

Next up, Bacon butties on the grill, which are my Step Dads speciality, then probably another cup of tea to wash down the chocolate coins in our stocking. After we are fed, dressed and ready, we usually wobble on down to the local pub. Most people meet here in the local village to wish everybody a Merry Christmas. I think a lot of locals think of their neighbours as family, so this is always a nice tradition to keep up where possible. The turkey is usually in the oven at this point, so when we return, the dinner smells divine!

A few more drinks on our return and we are usually sat down around 4ish to eat! After this, we eat and drink to our heart’s content for the rest of the day. We usually get the games out after a few more bevvies, then collapse on the sofas with the fire lit and another Christmas film on.

This year both my Brother and I will have our other half’s with us on Christmas Day which is a first and I am so so so excited to have a Christmas day with us all in the same room. Best of luck to them in the Rooney household!

How do you spend your day? I’d love to hear your crazy traditions and what you get up to! Link me any posts you have, especially if you’re keeping up with Blogmas! I’ve been compiling a little board for Christmas because what is anything without a Pinterest board?



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  • JustTheBeginning-x

    Your dog is adorable! This is our first year spending Christmas together (After 9 long years… I know right!) So we have some traditions to make! | Latest blog post: Sleeping Under The Christmas Tree – Blogmas Day 6

    • Michaela

      THANK YOU HE IS MY LITTLE BABY! Awwwww that’s so so cute, how exciting for you guyssss!

  • Dani

    I loved reading this! I love reading your blog anyway so I thought that it was about time I stopped lurking and left a comment haha. This got me feeling so excited for Christmas. Can I come and join your family? 😂

    • Michaela

      Ohhh Dani that means so much coming for you! Your blog is one of he first I stumbled across years ago! I’m glad it made you excited for Christmaaaas and yeaaaah hahaha the more he merrier!

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