30 Reasons To Stop Being A Scrooge


This time last year, I put out a post on my personal website talking all about Christmas. It wasn’t until today that I came across it again and I realised how much I just had to share this again. This is the post for those of you who scowl at the idea of Christmas, who shudder at the idea of festive gatherings and roll your eyes when I hum Christmas’s tunes in mid-November. For the native Nancy’s out there, here are 30 reasons to stop being a Scrooge!

30 Reasons To Stop Being A Scrooge

  1. Stuffing
  2. Drinking hot choc with marshmallows under a fluffy blanket, whilst the fire crackles away
  3. Reindeer ears for animals
  4. Long dog walks in the crisp winter air
  5. Chocolate Coins
  6. That feeling of opening all of your presents and piling them up in a display on the floor, until your Mum gives you the “Get them off my floor and upstairs now” eyes
  7. Gravy
  8. Not wearing make up for a while and letting your skin breathe
  9. Baking Baking Baking
  10. Being allowed to dress the office in pretty lights and decorations
  11. Chocolate anything and everything
  12. Christmas Television Specials
  13. When a really quiet relative gets drunk and makes a fool of themselves
  14. When people start singing Christmas songs in public and everyone joins in
  15. Sleep, so much sleep
    30 Reasons To Stop Being A Scrooge30 Reasons To Stop Being A Scrooge
  16. Seeing relatives animals
  17. Seeing friends animals
  18. Animals
  19. Christmas music on the radio in work, reminding you that you’re nearly there
  20. The last day in work being like that last day of the school year, but you’re a grown up and can get really drunk as soon as you leave
  21. Talking about the Christmas / New Year Limbo once again
  22. Guilt-free drinking of every alcoholic beverage on the table on Christmas Day
  23. Being in the strange limbo between Christmas and New Year and not know what to do with yourself
  24. Wrapping presents for animals and patiently watching them ‘unwrap’ and taking it upon yourself to do it for them because it’s too exciting
  25. Work Christmas do’s
  26. Sales Sales all of the Sales
  27. Telling everyone your family Christmas Day routine and being outraged that there’s is even slightly different to yours
  28. Wearing Christmas pyjamas all day
  29. Cheeseboards
  30. Bumping into your neighbour and lying for the 6th year that you just didn’t get round to sending cards when really you just couldn’t be arsed30 Reasons To Stop Being A Scrooge

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