10 Things To Do Before 2018


I must say, putting together this little list of things I want to concentrate on has actually been really fun and made me quite excited for this little pocket of time between now and the New Year. I suppose this is an alternative to New Year resolutions? Whilst I do plan on blogging a little something for 2018, I can recommend this as the most helpful, productive and positively impacting on your MH, as opposed to some New Year resolutions… I should say too, this was inspired by Niomi Smart’s video which is well worth a watch to perk you up and get you thinking about the next few weeks!

Let me know what you wanna do before the end of the year!

Spring Clean
Or should I say, Winter Clean? I get so much satisfaction over a proper apartment clean and I always want the apartment to be in good shape for Christmas and New Year. You never know who will be swinging by and it’s one less thing to worry about!

Gym Routine
Okay, so. Hear me out. Last time I was in the gym, I was a hormonal wreck, tired and achy. Every machine was broken in some way and I got so annoyed that I yelled at the machine, stormed out and haven’t returned since. I think it’s time to get back into the swing of things…

Well, obviously. Since I set out to complete Blogmas, after only deciding to do it a day or so before 1st December, I really really want to prove to myself that I can keep it up. Here’s hoping…

Travel Filming
In the next few weeks, I will be traveling a little bit and I want to use these opportunities to flex my filming muscles again. I really wish I had a handy lightweight vlogging style camera for this, I find it tough with my DSLR but I wanna at least try and see what the footage is like.

Beauty Steals
I have barely taken advantage of the sales recently which is unlike me. All year, I lust after products but unless they are good value for money, I will always always wait until they are on sale. Even if it’s 10%. If only sale & bargain hunting were a sport, guys.

eBay Hype
My friend reminded me recently that I need to get back on the eBay hype again. Not only is this fabulous way to clear out your wardrobe, it’s a really good way to make a little money on the side.

Gallery Wall & Shelves
We have finally purchased the prints for our gallery wall, probably 6 months after deciding we wanted one. I put it off for a little, then I couldn’t decide, then I changed my mind 20 times but we are finally happy. We also bought Ikea shelves months ago and they are still to go up…

I have more time available now (most of which has been taken up by blogmas…) but, I really want to sink my teeth into an old book. I have a habit of starting then never finishing them which NEEDS to change.

Pamper day
I mean, this is literally the easiest out of all 10. I would, however, like to go all out. I’m taking bubble bath, steam room, nails, blow dry & pizza.

Organise Hard Drives
Over the years, I have managed to gather roughly 3-4TB worth of hard drive storage space. Whilst that is great, there’s a lot of rubbish I can probably delete and ‘final project- final -finalv2-003final- FINAL-FINALLLL VERSION045’. I want to have my files organised and structured in a way that makes sense and is really quick and easy to access. Is that boring? Probably.

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  • JustTheBeginning-x

    I haven’t sorted out my hardrives in ages! I used to be a photographer so they were all organised but now… everything’s just a mess! | Latest blog post: Reindeer Cake Recipe – Blogmas Day 8

    • Michaela

      Photos are the worst aren’t they! I’m finally starting to organise this evening, I’m genuinely excited haha

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